His Talents

The Lord blessed Rick with many talents. Faithfulness, physical and moral strength, a remarkable hands-on ability, and the courage to proclaim the salvation message were some of his most distinctive characteristics.


Faithfulness characterized Rick’s life. He was loyal to his wife and family and a hardworking, reliable employee. His life revolved around God, his family and home, and his work. He had no outside interests. We never had to wonder where he was, or what he would be doing. Likewise, his paycheck was entirely turned in for the family needs. He committed to us one hundred percent.


Tall and large-built, Rick was a very strong man physically. I realize now how much a sense of security and stability I had by his side. Not only he was remarkably strong physically, but he was strong in moral character as well. He held high ethical, Judeo-Christian values, and was not afraid to let other know where he stood. When I was in doubt, I absolutely trusted his judgment in moral and spiritual issues.

Hands-on ability

About his remarkable hands-on ability, my mom used to say: “Rick compone todo lo descompuesto” (he’ll fix everything that is broken). Yes, even the Spanish devices he had never seen before. In addition this extraordinary aptitude, he taught himself how to use computers, their repair and maintenance. He bought a first computer for the family in 1982. “This will take us into the future,” he said. Little did he know then that in fact the computer knowledge we gained over the years would take us into the future, our future in Spain. As a result of his interest and knowledge of computer technology, eighteen years later we began an online service, a small business in Spain that supplemented his disability retirement income.

Proclaiming Salvation

His communicative and outgoing personality was perfect for telling others the good news of God’s Kingdom. The prophecies that were spoken over him at the charismatic meetings in the late seventies had become a reality. Rick was an evangelist at heart, and yes, his simple, straightforward salvation message confounded wise men. He understood the Gospel message, the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ that brought salvation for all people gives us access to the Father in Heaven, and opens the door to a new life. The testimony of his own life supported his words.

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