His Faith Journey

There was no Christian upbringing in Rick’s family of origin. His first recollection of any Christian training was during his time at Boys Town. There his faith journey begun. He believed, was baptized, and his faith was nurtured there through the Mass and the Sacraments.

After leaving Boys Town there was a complete spiritual void for many years, until sometime in the early seventies when a Christian coworker approached him and encouraged him to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. He did accept the Lord, began to shed off some of his unhealthy habits, and joined a local evangelical church. Contrary to his desires, his spiritual awakening did no help his troubled marriage; instead it accelerated the breaking process.

It was during the time of separation and divorce that the full revelation of God’s love and acceptance came. Rick had received Jesus Christ as his Savior, but now the Heavenly Father--God who is love--came and touched Rick’s broken heart. The word Father was impressed so deeply within him, that he sought to understand its full meaning and to become the earthly father he wished he had.

Through the Charismatic Renewal he learned about and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is when me met. Rick was zealous for God and the abundant life He would give freely those who believed and asked. Rick told me about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and asked if I wanted to receive it. As I assented, he prayed over me.

We grew in love for God and for one another. We did not let any opportunity go by where we could worship or share with others our faith and love for the Lord. After we were married, the Lord moved with us and through us in prayer and in the deliverance of people in bondage. Those were blessed times.

Grave circumstances caused us to leave the evangelical churches, and with time we found ourselves attending healing Masses and Catholic Charismatic prayer meetings. Our Catholic brothers and sisters accepted us as we were, without any questioning regarding our doctrinal beliefs or our reasons for being in their meetings. Believing that the Holy Spirit had guided us, we began the process of rejoining the Church, having our previous marriages annulled and our marriage confirmed in the Catholic Church.

In our desire to be useful and minister to the needs of God’s people, we attended the Parish Ministry Program at the Gesu Parish in 1986 and the Diocesan Lay Ministry Formation Program for 2 year. We were commission by the Bishop as lay ministers in 1989. “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You here its sound, but you cannot tell where it come from or where it is going. So is with everyone born of the Spirit.” So it was with us.

At the Lambertville Christian Fellowship Rick and I completed seminary studies through Rapha Ministry in 1993. Rick as well as I wanted to be an integral part of every church we had attended. We recognized that God had given us talents and wanted to use them. We wanted to serve God and his people. The painful reality was that we did not fully fit in any of those churches we had attended.

Through the years and the changes Rick’s faith, love for God and commitment to His people did not waiver. We wanted to do His will and waited with expectation for the next move of the Holy Spirit. We continued to wait in Spain, hoping that the Lord would show us where we could worship Him in Rick’s own language. Rick loved Christian music and was a good singer. The music we brought with us from the US helped keep fresh in our minds the worship services we once were a part of.

A few days before his death and unexpectedly, we had our last worship time together. Just the two of us. A recording by Hosanna Music was playing on Christian television. It felt like in the old times, as if the joy and the presence of God had filled our house. Our spirits were revived--the Lord was so near. Today, the words of one of the songs keep coming to my heart: “Peace when trouble blows; Jehovah sees, Jehovah knows. He is my peace. When sorrow nears Jehovah sees, Jehovah hears...” I wonder if those words were meant for Rick or for me. Or for both.

Rick’s faith journey is now over, as he has arrived to his eternal home in heaven. Now with thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly and with a great multitude that no one can count from every people, language and nation, Rick sings a new song. He now worships before the Throne in God's Temple.

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